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Presstek Momentum Pro RIP

Presstek Momentum Pro RIP
  • Integrated RIP and PDF workflow
  • Automatic PDF creation and preflight
  • Supports Certified PDF
  • Client/server architecture
  • Control workflow from Mac or PC workstations
  • Easy-to-use icon based interface
  • Extensive job management system
  • Jobs can be edited and resubmitted at any point in the workflow
  • Advanced soft proofing viewer
  • Email low res PDF files for client approval
  • Manages multiple Momentum RIP’s
  • Connect to Windows laser printers
  • Harlequin based RIP
  • FM Screening
  • CIP3 compatibility
  • Automated in-RIP trapping
  • Inkjet drivers and color management
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Presstek Latitude RIP

Presstek Latitude RIP
  • Highly automated JDF workflow powered by EskoArtwork
  • Native PDF RIP engine
  • Supports native PDF 1.7 and Certified PDF
  • Fully compatible with the latest JDF standards
  • Content based automation using XMP metadata
  • Unique PDF editor with interactive viewing and corrections
  • PDF preflight, correction, and production tools
  • PDF trapping with interactive trapping
  • Fully integrated JDF imposition
  • Client / Server architecture from Mac or PC workstation
  • MIS Communication via JDF/JMF
  • State-of-the-art screening technology
  • Drives a wide range of ink jet printers
  • Runs on Mac OSX platform
  • Generates native Presstek file format
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