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Graphic Whizard

Graphic Whizard's PT SCC
Graphic Whizard’s PT SCC will be
premiering at Oktoberfest 2013!

Graphic Whizard is known worldwide for its creasing and numbering machines. In addition the company manufactures and distributes systems which UV Coat, perf, rotary score, slit and perform other finishing functions. Since 1987 the company has installed thousands of systems around the world through its dealers and distributors.

Strict quality standards are adhered to, with all of our component parts, in order to ensure top performance.

Graphic Whizard stands behind the quality of the machines it manufactures with a FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. This is the best in the industry and reflects their commitment to their product

Offtech New England provides local hands-on sales and technical expertise for all Graphic Whizard equipment.

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