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Inserting & Finishing

MCS Bases

MCS Bases MCS 500 Series Bases: Designed for self-mailing pieces and
envelopes, the 500 series bases include 5 one inch adjustable
heat-resistant belts, 110V 15 Amp power, and electrical
interfaces for feeders and conveyors are standard. All 500
bases also include industrial T slots along the entire base for
mounting various equipment including inkjet heads, cameras
and dryers.MCS 1000 Series Bases: As inkjet print quality improves, and
print heads become wider, larger sheets of paper are being
imaged on. The 1000 series bases are designed to handle up to
a 30″x20″ sheet size.
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MCS Flowmaster Inserting Productivity: Most customers find that the FlowMaster improves the average productivity of a job 50% to 100% over traditional swing arm inserters. This is accomplished on the FlowMaster by collating, inserting and feeding the long edge of the paper, together with an advanced servo-driven precise inserting station.Flexibility: In the mailing business, every day presents new challenges with inserting and paper handling. The FlowMaster uses friction feeders in all of the pockets, which gives the operators maximum flexibility with stocks, including Z-folded and thin material. All new FlowMaster RS machines can insert in envelopes as large as 10″x13″ envelopes.

Reliability: Mail houses have demanding delivery schedules. Any piece of inserting equipment used in a mail shop must be reliable and maintainable by in house staff without a service contract.

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Spedo Cutter 2400

MCS Spedo 2400 The NEW SPEDO 2400 FORMS CUTTER offers more!

  • An intuitive touch screen operator panel powered by E-CORE, includes on-screen parts catalogue and gives total control over all aspects of the machines functionality.
  • Exact speed settings, to a tolerance of one foot per minute for printer interface.
  • Over lifetime total counter and language interpretation.
  • A NEW infeed system improves cut accuracy and web control.
  • The most noticeable addition: – THE OPEN SIDE
  • Easier waste removal when running on-line or in-system.

Equally important: – What hasn’t changed?
Build Quality, Reliability and Long Service Life

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Spedo Cutter 2600

MCS-Spedo-2600 SPEDO 2600 PINLESS FORMS CUTTERAlmost unique in terms of cutting quality, performance and servicing ease, the Spedo 2600 pinless form cutter has an established position in the Spedo range of mailroom and continuous printing systems.The Spedo 2600 is:

  • Fast, precise & versatile
  • Highly Reliable
  • Simple Operator Controls
  • Excellent Cutting Quality
  • Short Setup Time
  • Minimal Footprint
  • Minimal service needs
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