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Industrial Cameras

Perfect Match

MCS Perfect Match There are three simple reasons that hundreds of customers rely on the MCS Perfect Match for mail matching and document matching – and all these features directly enhance your ability to increase revenue through your equipment:

  • Ease of use: The miniature MicroVision cameras allow the most flexibility to fit into tight spaces for codes in difficult-to-read locations. The software allows for easy operation and high productivity.
  • 100% Accountability: MCS Engineers have designed and manufactured the entire system – from the cameras to the circuitry, to the optional printing system. Our support team gives you a one-stop answer for your questions.
  • Modularity: The ability to seamlessly integrate within environments such as Pitney Bowes inserters, as well as Bell & Howell, Mailcrafter, Insertco, Buhrs, etc – and now, added compatibility with saddle stitchers such as Mueller Martini and Osaka
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Perfect Match

MCS Output Camera The MCS MicroVision Output camera solution is designed to provide solutions for the mailing and printing industry that includes:Features

  • Date and Time Stamping
  • Job Progress
  • Sequential Number Verification
  • File Audit
  • Sort Control
  • Barcode Verification including USPS IMB
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