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MCS Raptor Software

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MCS moves you into the future with multi-platform print control in Windows 7 environments. The MCS Raptor Inkjet Controller is a new design that allows one controller to concurrently drive multiple MCS print technologies.

  • Use the Raptor to drive Eagle (Piezo) and/or Falcon (HP) print heads simultaneously, or independently.
  • Drive up to 25″ of print width with the Raptor. High-Speed Gigabit data channels allow a greater amount of print at high-speed.
  • Existing MCS Eagles are already Raptor-compatible with a small firmware upgrade.
  • Smoother fonts and graphics – and crisp barcodes with Enhanced Rasterization Technology™ (ERT™).
  • Head-Selectable Resolution.
  • New GS1 Databar barcode.
  • Remote job setup with font usage tracking/missing font detection.
  • Increased Input/Output support such as system status notification with external lights.
  • Optional INK-OUT alarm light pole.
  • Manage ink usage and print quality with software-selectable Eagle drop sizes.


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