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GBC MagnaPunch & Akiles Finish@Coil

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GBC MagnaPunch Heavy Duty Punch & Akiles Finish@Coil -E1 Coil Finisher: Refurbished GBC Magna Punch Interchangeable Die Punch is a high volume punch featuring thirteen interchangeable die patterns. Die sets lock in place without the need for tools. The robust and rugged design of the MagnaPunch, ensures dependability, productivity and ease-of-use. Choose your preferred punching method from an electric push-button or hands-free foot pedal. With a range of interchangeable die sets available to handle all your presentation spine styles, the GBC Magna Punch is versatile enough for any office environment. Speed combined with maximum punch capacity make it one of the most productive punches around.

GBC MagnaPunch Heavy Duty Punch & Akiles Finish@Coil -E1 Coil Finisher features:

  • Comes with 2 4:1 Coil & 1 19 hole Standard GBC Die. Others available at low price.
  • High Capacity Electric Punching: Maximum punching productivity of up to 30,000 sheets per hour.
  • Punches 20-45 sheets at a time with a 1/2 second punch cycle.
  • Dual Punching Controls: Hands-free foot pedal or micro-switch allow you to choose your preferred punching method.
  • Interchangeable Die Sets: Die sets change in seconds without tools or levers, automatically locking securely into position.
  • Easily Accessible Punch Pins: Pins remove quickly and effortlessly to accommodate a variety of paper sizes.
  • Exclusive “Pinlock” System: Securely hold the punch pins in place when the die is out of the punch.
  • Adjustable Edge Guide: Infinitely adjustable to ensure accurate alignment of paper.
  • Large Chip Tray: Collects chips from up to 40,000 sheets, eliminating the need for frequent emptying.
  • Duty Rated Motor: Continuous duty motor enables 24 hour a day, every day operation.
  • Rugged Construction: Steel forged and cast components provide longer life and reliability.

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