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Duplo DC 648

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The fully automated DC-648 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is Duplo’s newest mid-range solution. DC-648 delivers professionally-finished jobs with its ability to slit/cut/crease and perforate digitally-printed applications in a single pass up to 40 sheets per minute.

Increase efficiencies by eliminating time-consuming set up time. Finish jobs in quick turnarounds. Incredibly easy to use, the DC-648 produces a wide range of full-bleed applications on demand, including 24-up business cards, invitations, and tickets.


  • Automated job set up and changeovers
  • Camera sensor rapidly scans barcodes, registration marks, and shrinkage marks
  • Integrates with Fiery Impose to automate job preparation
  • Perforate, up crease, and in-line fold options