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New Ryobi and CRON-ECRM Alliances!

[three_fourth]Thanks to many of our customers, guests, and vendors, we had a great Oktoberfest; the best ever! We announced two new vendor alliances that allow Offtech New England to offer new options for printing and platemaking. Offtech New England is now a Ryobi and CRON-ECRM dealer for New England. All the Presstek/A.B. Dick presses sold over the last 12 years have been manufactured by Ryobi. By aligning ourselves with Ryobi, we have their complete press line and access to all Ryobi parts for your Presstek/A.B. Dick presses.

CRON is the largest manufacturer of Computer-to-Plate (CTP) devices in the world for the last four years. CRON has partnered with ECRM to form CRON-ECRM of North America with headquarters in Tewksbury, MA. We searched for a high quality CTP device for over a year. The Presstek Dimension, TX, FL, and Vector are end-of-life products. We needed an upgrade path for our present CTP customers. CRON-ECRM has a family of CTP devices and accessories using the latest technology. Upgrading your output from 24 to 76 plates per hour without having to replace your CTP device was unheard of in today’s CTP world, but not anymore with the CRON-ECRM. You grow, it grows, protecting your investment.

We are still your go-to company for all A.B. Dick presses and DPMs along with Presstek Dimension, Vector, and TX devices. The same service professionals at Offtech New England are eager to continue offering the quality service and support you have come to expect for over 31 years. We have parts availability for all of the above products.

Finally a new plate offering! The Offtech Thermal Green plates utilize your present processor using only Gum for fixing the image and non-image areas. We have tested the plates with our customers using their Dimension and Vector CTP’s with great results. Not only do you receive a superior plate, but your costs are less. These plates also work well with the CRON-ECRM plate systems. We are excited to offer this new imaging and plate technology to our customers. We now have a plate that is more economical and with greater latitude than we could offer you in the past.

We have enhanced the CRON-ECRM CTP with three plate offerings. The Offtech Raven III, the Offtech Thermal Green (as described above), and the Offtech Insta-Print Thermal plate that develops on press (DOP) available for the CRON-ECRM! The above plates work on most Thermal other plate making systems.

Offtech New England prides itself in offering more factory trained technicians in Northern New England than most of our competition combined. Same day and next day service are more common than not. When you call us you talk to a real person answering the phone and you have direct access to the owners and Director of Service. We’re not as big as some other providers, but our support is second to none. As always we continue to service what we sell and appreciate your business.[/three_fourth] [one_fourth_last]p-1